Bird Watching


The Huelva province has little heavy industry and escapes the impact of mass tourism that's to be found elsewhere on European coastlines. There are long uninterrupted stretches of empty sandy beaches and dune along the southern Atlantic coast. If you travel inland in this accessible region with a warm Mediterranean climate, you can find quiet, vast open spaces with agricultural land, olive groves and pasture beside towering sierras, natural forest and heath. It goes without saying that this whole area holds a diverse rich bird, animal, insect and plant life.

Wild Flowers

Spring flowers are out as early as February and well worth visiting just to see them. It's a different place in the summer!

Mountain Biking and Walking

Spoilt for choice with all sorts of places to explore both for the experienced and not so. Bike hire is about €15 per day.


A number of boats go from both Isla Christina and Vila Real. Some of the boats are even British owned and seem to be very popular.

Horse Riding

Several stables with lively horses for a ride through the pine woods and campo (countryside). Some even have landaus that go out with the riders, so that the whole family can enjoy the day out, irrespective of whether they ride or not



Windsurfing,Sailing, Canoeing & Surfing

Kite surfing and windsurfing are very popular here. There is a sailing school which is open in the summer months and runs reasonably priced courses as well as renting out a variety of equipment including canoes. The surf is ok for amateurs but not for pros as the beaches are quite sheltered. The enthusiasts head east for the big surf of the southern Costa de la Luz.


There is a friendly tennis club just outside Ayamonte. Courts are roughly €6 per hour.

Festivals, Fairs, and Markets

Loads everywhere. On both sides of the border.

This just gives you a flavour for the area and some of the things you can do and see. Don't forget to check out the rest of this site and the guidebooks for much more.

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